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Columbus – AEP Says Outages to Continue into Thursday


Columbus – Some AEP customers that are without power since the storm may be without power until Thursday according to the power company.

“Our electrical system was impacted by the severe storms last night, which knocked out some of our large transmission lines. Combined with impacts from the heat today, some of the remaining lines were overloaded and we have been forced to take customers offline throughout this afternoon and this evening to protect the system. Those outages occurred in the general areas marked by red circles on this map. The yellow circle is another area that could potentially be affected. While progress continues to be made we recommend all customers in these areas make necessary accommodations due to the extreme heat for their safety and well-being,” said AEP.

AEP says that they are working around the clock to fix these issues.

Power lines across Ohio were devastated in straight line wind damage on June 13th.