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City of Circleville Releases 2023 Drinking Water Quality Report


CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio – The Department of Public Utilities in the City of Circleville has published its annual Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report for the year 2023. Directed by Public Service Director James Stanley and overseen by Utilities Operations Manager Brian Frost, the report aims to provide consumers with comprehensive information regarding the quality of their drinking water.

The report, mandated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA), includes details on health-related information, water quality test results, instructions for consumer participation in decision-making processes, and contacts for water system inquiries.

According to the report, the City of Circleville’s water treatment plant consistently meets or exceeds all State and Federal EPA quality standards for health and aesthetics. Additionally, the city has initiated its annual flushing program to minimize instances of discolored water.

Key Information from the Report:

Source Water Information: Circleville receives its drinking water from four groundwater wells located at the Water Treatment Plant on 663 Island Rd. The facility, which underwent several upgrades over the years, serves as an iron and manganese removal facility. The report highlights a recent water system backup connection completed in 2015 with the Earnhart Hill Water system for emergency use.

Lead Awareness: The report includes educational information about lead exposure in drinking water, emphasizing precautions individuals can take to minimize risks. It advises consumers to flush taps before use, especially if the water has been stagnant for several hours, and provides resources for lead testing.

Public Participation: Circleville encourages public engagement in decisions concerning drinking water. Residents are encouraged to attend regular meetings of the Circleville Service Committee and City Council to voice their concerns and suggestions.

Detected Contaminants: The report lists detected contaminants, including copper and alpha emitters, with levels falling within regulatory limits. It also details efforts to monitor unregulated contaminants through participation in the Unregulated Contaminant Rule 5 (UCMR5).

The report underscores the city’s commitment to ensuring safe and high-quality drinking water for its residents. For further inquiries or information, residents are encouraged to contact Michael Smith, Water Plant Superintendent, at (740)-477-8242.

The full report can be accessed through the City of Circleville’s official website or by contacting the Department of Public Utilities directly.