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City of Circleville Initiates Downtown Beautification Project in Collaboration with Uptown Circleville


Circleville – May 10, 2024

After years of anticipation, the City of Circleville has embarked on a transformative project aimed at enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of downtown Circleville. This initiative, championed by Uptown Circleville, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to revitalize the heart of the city.

The genesis of this endeavor can be traced back to 2018 when Uptown Circleville was established with a vision to invigorate the community through a concerted focus on beautification, promotion, and economic prosperity. It was within this framework that the idea to adorn downtown Circleville with two striking statues first took shape.

Specifically, the proposal put forward by Uptown Circleville in 2022 envisioned the installation of a Clock and a Circular Style Sculpture at the intersection of Court and Main Streets. Recognizing the merit of this proposal, the City Council gave their nod of approval to allocate funds for the creation of bump-outs, during a council meeting held the same year.

However, it was decided that the responsibility for crafting and installing the statues would rest with Uptown Circleville, to be funded through community donations. Consequently, the costs associated with the bump-outs were earmarked from the 2023 budget following the green light from the City Council.

While the project encountered a temporary hiatus awaiting the completion of the statues by Uptown, recent developments suggest that the long-awaited unveiling is imminent. The statue and the clock are aimed to be reflective of its rich cultural heritage and forward-looking vision. The clock symbolizes a large clock that was once in downtown Circleville but was torn down.

As the project progresses, uptown is excited about the positive impact it will have on local businesses, residents, and visitors alike. Stay tuned for further updates as Circleville’s downtown undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis, courtesy of this collaborative endeavor between the City and Uptown Circleville.