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Circleville to Review Safety Director Position for Possible New Hire

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CIRCLEVILLE – Circleville Mayor Michelle Blanton has initiated the process of reviewing candidates who have applied for the position of safety director after a designated period, she announced today.

Over the past few years, the role of safety director has seen turnover, with several individuals occupying the position during the tenure of former Mayor Don Mcllroy. However, upon Mcllroy’s departure from office, he held the interim position of safety director, leaving the task of appointing a new director to the incoming Mayor Blanton in January. Blanton, who initially hired Steve Wilkinson for the role, faced a setback when Wilkinson was terminated a week later. Consequently, Blanton has been serving as the acting Safety Director since then.

In a recent phone conversation, Blanton revealed that three candidates have expressed interest in the position, two of whom have prior law enforcement experience. Notably, all three candidates are residents of Circleville, and interviews are scheduled to commence next week.

The job posting specifies an annual salary range of $60,749 to $72,899, dependent on the candidate’s experience, skills, and knowledge. Additionally, the position offers health, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits.

Upon the appointment of a new Safety Director, attention will be turned to addressing vacancies within the police department. This includes positions such as the Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs, which, according to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), must be filled internally initially, as Circleville is a statutory city before external hiring considerations can be made. Currently acting Chief Fisher is in the position.