Home News Circleville Post plans OVI checkpoints this week

Circleville Post plans OVI checkpoints this week


Circleville- The Circleville Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol will be conducting two OVI checkpoints to bring awareness to the unfortunate continued problem of impaired driving.

On the day prior to the checkpoints, the county where they will take place will be announced, with the locations being announced the day of the checkpoints.

If you plan to consume alcohol or use drugs, please use a designated driver or make other arrangements before you become the next statistic. Don’t let you or another innocent person be the victim of your foolish act of getting behind the wheel while impaired on alcohol or drugs.

The Circleville Post will be partnering with other local law enforcement agencies for operational support while conducting the checkpoints.

Update: Now before everyone gets up in arms about why we post this. We are asked to post this from the Circleville Highway Patrol, and it is not legal for them to do the checkpoint without having it posted by media.