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Circleville Police Stop Woman From Using in Parking Lot After Being Sober for Year


CIRCLEVILLE – Circleville Police department ran a series of drug interdiction raids last night, during those investigations police found a woman who bought from a known house and was about to use when police stopped her from putting a needle in her arm.

On July 16, 2020 the Circleville Police Department was conducting an interdiction operation in the city of Circleville. During the operation officers were able to follow an individual from a known narcotics residence to a parking lot. While in the parking lot officers noticed that the individual was looking down into their lap concentrating on something. Officers then witnessed the individual throw a small piece of plastic from the window. These actions are a known indicators of narcotics usage. It was decided to not wait for uniformed officers and to make contact with the driver due to them getting ready to use narcotics. Plain clothes officers approached the vehicle and were able to interrupt the driver drawing the Heroin into their syringe. The Circleville Municipal Court Probation Department arrived to assist with treatment and mental health options. The driver had a pop can lid with Heroin being mixed into a liquid form on their lap and a syringe in their hand loading the liquid substance into it. The driver was removed from the vehicle and a search was conducted. Approximately two and a half grams of Heroin was seized and the driver was given the option of narcotics treatment.

The driver told officers that they had been clean for a year and were about to relapse. Below is a message the driver sent to the Circleville Probation Department:

“I just want to say thank you. I was so scared & mad at myself nothing much would come out. I don’t know who the man was that talked to me the whole time but he was absolutely right. You guys probably did save my life. I stopped taking my depression meds a while ago because to be honest I couldn’t afford those and my families affairs so I chose my family. I haven’t really been handling my depression at all just stuffing it all in & today was how I decided to deal with it all. I truly do Thank God you guys showed up because that really isn’t me. I’m not good at that lifestyle at all & I have no desire to be back in it. I have no desire to die. I worked really hard to get my life on track and I almost threw it all away. I guess I did in some aspect because now I will have a record & have let everyone down especially myself. I took what you said to heart when you asked if I had been in counseling & I called and left a message for my old therapist to look in to getting back in there. You all will never see me in that situation again! Can you please let all of them know that I said Thank You. Thank you all for talking to me like a human and not a criminal for showing compassion treating me with respect and for not making me feel less than because I made a stupid ass decision & most of all for saving my life Lacey. I truly mean and believe that with all of my heart. That man told me not to call my dealer & I swear that I did not. I even deleted the number all the way out of my phone. Again Thank You All. I’ll never be able to say it enough”