Home News Circleville Police Department Releases 2023 Activity Report: Insights and Recommendations

Circleville Police Department Releases 2023 Activity Report: Insights and Recommendations


Circleville, Ohio (February 15, 2024) – The Circleville Police Department unveiled its 2023 annual report today, offering a comprehensive look at public safety and law enforcement activities within the city. The report highlights key statistics, trends, and recommendations for enhancing community safety.

Overall Call Activity:

  • Total calls for service: 21,599
  • 911 emergency calls: 6,878
  • Police calls for service: 17,775

Law Enforcement Activities:

  • Criminal reports taken: 5,144
  • Arrests and charges filed: 584
  • Cases investigated by detectives: 154
  • Search warrants served: 103

Accidents and Traffic:

  • Total accident reports: 350
  • Traffic citations issued: 611

Overdose Incidents:

  • Total overdoses: 52
  • Overdose deaths: 3

Fire and EMS Calls:

  • Total fire department calls: 3,824
  • Squad runs dispatched: 3,579

Insights and Observations:

The report emphasizes the significant number of criminal reports, underscoring the importance of a robust law enforcement presence and community safety measures. The high volume of calls for service, both regular and emergency, reflects an active and engaged community.

The report also highlights the vital role of the Circleville Fire Department in responding to diverse emergencies, showcasing the multi-faceted responsibilities of the Communication Center. Notably, the data on overdoses, accidents, and traffic violations pinpoints areas requiring targeted community health and safety initiatives.


The report concludes with several recommendations for further enhancing public safety:

  1. Community outreach: Evaluate and strengthen community outreach programs to address the root causes of criminal activity and drug-related incidents.
  2. Traffic safety: Assess current traffic safety measures and consider targeted awareness campaigns to reduce accidents and violations.
  3. Collaboration: Continue to collaborate with the Fire Department to optimize emergency response efforts.

This report provides valuable insights into public safety trends and serves as a foundation for informed decision-making. Moving forward, continued analysis and collaboration amongst relevant departments will be crucial for strengthening Circleville’s overall safety and security.