Home News Circleville OVI Checkpoint Yields Results: Two Arrests Made

Circleville OVI Checkpoint Yields Results: Two Arrests Made


Circleville, Ohio – Law enforcement agencies including the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office, and Circleville Police Department, collaborated on an OVI (Operating a Vehicle Impaired) checkpoint on Friday, May 11, 2024, along Lancaster Pike in Circleville from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The OVI checkpoint, funded through federal grants, aimed to deter and intercept impaired drivers while raising awareness about the ongoing issue of impaired driving on local streets and highways. Saturation patrols were also deployed in surrounding areas to combat alcohol and drug-related crashes resulting in fatalities and serious injuries.

Throughout the checkpoint’s duration, a total of 525 vehicles underwent inspection, with none diverted for further evaluation regarding potential alcohol or drug impairment or driver’s license violations. Additionally, saturation patrols conducted three enforcement contacts and six non-enforcement contacts. Notably, two individuals were arrested for OVI, involving alcohol and drug impairment, during the enforcement period.

The collaborative effort underscores the commitment of local law enforcement to ensure road safety and combat impaired driving within the community.