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Circleville Mayor Blanton Recognizes National Skilled Nursing Care Week with Facility Visits


In recognition of National Skilled Nursing Care Week, Mayor Michelle Blanton has affirmed the city’s commitment to honoring those who provide essential care in facilities across the nation. As part of the week-long observance, Mayor Blanton signed a proclamation reaffirming the city’s support for skilled nursing care professionals and toured local long-term care facilities.

National Skilled Nursing Care Week serves as an opportunity to express gratitude to the dedicated individuals who tirelessly care for residents in skilled nursing facilities. Mayor Blanton’s visit to these facilities underscores the importance of recognizing the invaluable contributions made by caregivers, nurses, and staff members who work diligently to enhance the quality of life for those under their care.

During her visits to long-term care facilities throughout the week, Mayor Blanton had the opportunity to engage with residents, staff, and administrators, gaining firsthand insight into the challenges and triumphs of skilled nursing care. Through these interactions, Mayor Blanton reiterated the city’s commitment to supporting the well-being of its residents and upholding the highest standards of care in nursing facilities.

“Getting out into the community, doing proclamations, and celebrating with people in things that are important to them is crucial. Our community comprises various industries and educational institutions, each deserving recognition throughout the year. Being present in the community demonstrates my commitment as the mayor to care about their daily endeavors. It shows residents, especially those unable to venture out, that I value them and their contributions. Nobody wants to be confined to long-term care facilities, so showing them compassion and acknowledging their place in our community is vital,” said Blanton, “Being actively engaged in the community and meeting its members regularly was a primary objective of being Mayor. Proclamations serve as an added bonus, allowing us to celebrate people and their significant contributions.”

At Pickaway Manor nursing staff said, “We are here here for the residents, the families, and the community. I think the busier the residents are the more satisfied they are living here. We provide education activities and encouragement daily, get out and go as much as they can absolutely, we stay busy.”

The activities director expressed happiness saying, “When they come to my office and visit with me or ask for snacks, which I give them. Just maintaining a relationship with our residents their families and, other health care providers in the area, we all talk. So just a sense of community and, and compassion that’s what keeps me coming back.”

As National Skilled Nursing Care Week continues, Mayor Blanton encourages residents to join in expressing appreciation for the dedication and compassion demonstrated by skilled nursing care professionals. Their unwavering commitment to providing quality care exemplifies the spirit of compassion and service that enriches our community.

Mayor Blanton asked the Nurses how members of the community can get involved, “They can volunteer to help with activities. We do have some prerequisites, but they can come in and let us know. The girls do various activities like painting nails, and we also have students from the school helping out. I love getting everyone involved. We even cook together.”

For more information on National Skilled Nursing Care Week and ways to show appreciation for skilled nursing care professionals, residents are encouraged to visit the city’s official website or reach out to local nursing facilities.