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Circleville – Local Artist Teda Theis Showcases Stunning Works at ArtsAround Gallery


Circleville, Ohio – ArtsAround Gallery is proud to announce a captivating art show featuring the exceptional talent of local contemporary artist Teda Theis. The exhibition, located at 135 W. Main St. in Circleville, will run throughout the month of May, offering art enthusiasts a chance to immerse themselves in Theis’s evocative creations.

Renowned for her distinctive blend of natural inspiration and abstract expression, Teda Theis’s art transports viewers into a world of tranquility and beauty. Each piece, whether a striking acrylic painting or a sculptural ceramic vessel, invites exploration and contemplation.

The exhibit will unveil a stunning array of Theis’s acrylic paintings, characterized by their emotive landscapes and ethereal compositions. Drawing from her deep connection to nature, Theis’s works capture the essence of fleeting moments and translate them into visual poetry.

In addition to her paintings, Theis will showcase her talent in sculptural ceramics, crafting intricate vessels that reflect both ancient traditions and contemporary aesthetics. From delicate vases to ornate tea vessels, each ceramic creation is a testament to Theis’s skill and creativity.

Steve Sawyer, Gallery Coordinator at ArtsAround, expressed his enthusiasm for hosting Teda Theis’s artwork, describing her pieces as “evocative, moody, and gorgeous.” He extended a warm invitation to the community to experience the beauty and depth of Theis’s work firsthand.

The exhibition will kick off with an artist reception on Friday, May 17, from 4:30 to 7:00 pm, offering guests the opportunity to meet Teda Theis and gain insight into her artistic process. Throughout the month, the gallery will be open to the public on weekends, providing art lovers with ample time to explore and appreciate Theis’s remarkable creations.

For more information about the exhibition and gallery hours, visit ArtsAround Gallery’s website at artsaround.org or contact (740) 672-9634. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to discover the enchanting world of Teda Theis’s artistry.