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A Circleville Haunting Story


CIRCLEVILLE – A Haunting Story by Cameron Jones

I share my home with a few folks, I don’t really know them very well though I’d like to. They’re kind of scary, but I’m not sure if they mean to be.

They’re ghosts, and I’m as sure of their existence as I am of my own. I moved into my house here on Mound Street in Circleville about five years ago. Its one of the older homes on the block, built in the 1890s. I’m not exactly sure when the activity started, but I’m sure whatever is here has been here long before I moved in. For the few months or so I brushed off the activity as the natural creaking and settling that an old house does. ¬†Eventually, I became to notice the footsteps upstairs. ¬† Most of the paranormal activity I hear is the footsteps, and they are loud!

It usually happens when I’m sitting or working downstairs. The house has hard floors throughout I hear distinct footsteps walking around upstairs, they almost always are coming from my bedroom (which is a bit unsettling). I hear the steps walking from one side of the room to the other, occasionally stopping then starting back up again. I’m not the only one who’s heard them. My mom asked me one day “Who’s upstairs?” Umm, no one mom.

The activity presents itself in many ways. It was an experience in February 2015 that convinced me to start keeping a diary. I was standing in the laundry room putting clothes in the washer when to the right I saw a bright orb appear about four feet up in the air. The best way to describe it is a ‘singularity’ it flashed open shined brightly for a few seconds then flashed closed. I stood there dumbfounded for a while couldn’t believe what I had just seen. Like I said after that incident I started keeping a diary of paranormal activity- its helped me tremendously in remembering all the different incidents and it’s shown me just how much I’m seeing and hearing.

There was a day when I heard a loud thump coming from my upstairs bedroom. I went up to check it out one of my significant 10-inch action figures had somehow gone from standing on the shelf its always on, to standing on the floor (not laying on the floor) standing on the floor, like it was placed there.

Then there was the encounter with the Ghost Cat. It started with a tragedy. I lost two cats in a two day period, (I still have two other cats I had four at one time). My gray cat ran out the front door and was hit by a car, dying instantly. The other cat was diagnosed with a fatal disease when I took him to vet two days later, and he had to be put down. I buried both cats in a beautiful place in the yard. A week afterward I was in the yard when I felt a cat rubbing up against my legs, you know how cats do when they want attention or to show love. I looked down to see who it was, but there was nothing there. I looked over and saw both my cats sound asleep on the patio 20 feet away. That’s when I realized I was standing very close to where the cats were buried! I was shaken up, and there was no denying what I had felt. I absolutely believe it was one or both cats saying hello from the other side. There just too much activity to put it all in this short article.

There’s one experience that has happened over and over. I see a small dark shape out of the corner of my eye when I turn to look there is nothing there. Sometimes the form is preceded by a bang or knock.

There was the time last December when three ornaments flew off the Christmas tree at once landing halfway across the room. One night I was in the upstairs hallway when I heard my name being called from downstairs, my dogs heard it too. Knowing no one else was here the dogs ran downstairs to see who it was, of course, no one was there.

The ghosts like to move things on my shelves, and I find figurines and items turned around all the time. One of the more dramatic incidents was the day my cell phone which was sitting flat on a flat table, flew off the table and landed on the floor. Shocked I bent down picked it up put it back on the table, a minute later it flew off the table again. Lights turn themselves on and off. I hear so many strange knocks and bangs I hardly notice those anymore.

A neighbor of mine who has lived on my block for 60 plus years says he can remember at least two deaths in the house, possibly more over the last 130 years. Am I being haunted by the ghosts of former owners of the house? I think its a distinct possibility. Then there’s the experience with the ghost cat. Maybe there is something about the home or property itself, a portal or location where the veil between our world and the other side is a little thinner. These experiences may sound frightening, and I do get freaked out from time to time, but the truth is I’m okay with it. I’m sharing this house with other beings, and I look at it as this is just as much their house as mine.