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Circleville Downtown Halloween Contest Winners


Circleville – Downtown Circleville was buzzing during Tuesday nights Business trick or treat.

The event had hundreds walking around the area, most in costume scooping up early Halloween candy. One vendor told Sciotopost that they had over 300 pieces of candy that they handed out one piece at a time and ran out early. The event was slated from 5 to 6 pm, but many were haunting early.

A costume contest was held at the Vinton county Bank parking lot after 6 pm. Winners were given prizes based on age, older kids and adults received gift cards, and younger received candy and fun Halloween prizes.

The winners of that contest are below.


Cutest Costume – Minnie, Avocado, and Elsa

Orginal Costume – Purple Witch, Muscle, Policeman in car, and Cocomelon

Most Creative – Policeman in the car, Workout girl, Horse Girl

Kids Costumes 4-6

Cutest Costume – Purple Witch, Arial, Pink

Scariest Costume – Chuckie, Bride of Chuckie, Five Nights at Freddies bear

Funniest Costume – Ghostbusters, Luke Skywalker, Lady Bug

Most creative – Jeffery Dahmer, Mario, Nasa

Kids Costumes 7-9

Cutest Costume – Toy story, Witch Orange, Pig

Scarest Costume – Jason, Saw, IT

Funniest Costume – Frog, Wednesday, Spider

Most Creative Girl with Knife, Private, Yellowman

Costumes ages 10-12

Cutest Contest – Cat

Scariest – Killer Bride

Funniest costume – PIzza

Most Creative – OSU Football

13+ Costumes

Cutest Costume – Hippies

Scariest Costume Wolf

Funniest Costume – Eddie from Christmas Vacation

Most Creative Morticia & Gomez Addams