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Circleville Council Takes Action Against Nuisance Properties and Reports Names


CIRCLEVILLE – During the Circleville Council Meeting last night August 22,2018 a ordinance levying assessments for cutting weeds and and the abatement of nuisances on lots was voted through on first reading.  The ordnance reads owners of certain lots within the city, after receiving such notification for the cutting and destroying of weeds, have failed to comply with such notice and the Director of Public Service has therefore caused the weeds to be cut and the costs certified by letter to the Council of Circleville.

This is action that we take periodically to clean up properties that have been reported and health department has said we need to clean these up.  Our past practices have been to announce the owners and address publicly.  If you notice, we do have some frequent fliers on this list, said Julie Strawser Council.


Costs of weed cutting and cleaning up properties is paid by Circleville funds and tax levies are put on the property to get the money back eventually.  These are the people and properties on the list now.

  • Nathan Burge & Alica Harper 375 East Ohio Street Total Assessment cost: 288.64
  • WJ Real Estate Investments 412 South Pickaway Street Total Assessment 487.57
  • Sherri Evans 439 East Union Street Total Assessment cost 996.71
  • Larry & Diane Smith 214 Logan Street Total Assessment 2,587.36
  • Amy Copley 615 S. Scioto Street Pike Total Assessment 527.37
  • John Bowers Trustee Chatham road Total Assessment 898.05
  • Stephen Eaglin 360 East Mount Street Total Assessment 333.64
  • Jerome Humpries 510 South Scioto Total Assessment 592.28
  • William O’Rock 430 Sunnyview Total Assessment 372.93

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  1. So, Im working with the city, we actually did not have position of the property when the maintenance was done to it. We had not lived in the house since October of the Prior year, and the maintenance was done in I believe July.

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