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Circleville City Council Meeting Report 9-19-2017



On September 20th, at City Hall (127 South Court Street), the city council discussed a few of the events going on in town.  Discussion continues with ArtsaRound and the proposed Pickaway Arts and Life Center.  Discussions also continued about feedback about paving of the roads and uses of the slurry, aka chip and seal roads.

The Main Street Project was discussed by several Council members. Tom Spring said that 70 were in attendance and a lot of people were excited about a good thing for the community.

Josh Ford commented that Main Street program was a great meeting and that he loved seeing the city take this on. “It will definitely improve our city and bring people into our city,” said Josh. Jessica Bowers also mentioned the meeting and said that the Main Street project it was great and informative with lots of excitement from people in the room.

Jessica Bowers mentioned the arts and crafts antique festival, stating that it was a really nice and great weekend. “It was nice to visit with all the vendors people who sell things out of their homes, that was great to see.”

Paving was discussed by several members such as Barry D. Keller who warned the council about feedback he has received from many people over the slurry, aka chip and seal roads. There is not so much excitement about the slurry road projects. “Feedback shows that people hope we don’t start addressing our streets like this, that it may be a cost savings but I don’t think people are very fond of it.” Jeffrey D. Hallinin said people were excited about road paving, but that he had one complaint about Edgewood drive that ruts were placed into asphalt after repavement.

Julie Strawser wanted to remind everyone of the upcoming event, ‘Meet the Candidate Night’ which is next Monday at 7:00 PM at the high school sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in the Circleville High School auditorium.

Barry D. Keller wants to remind everyone that there is a finance committee meeting for budget cuts and for the proposed budget on Oct 31st, 2017.  He also mentioned The Pickaway Arts and Life Center Project and wanted to know when and where would this be addressed about the building for ArtsaRound.  He expressed that he would like to see the council move sooner than later. He stated he didn’t know if they have the money to make sure the building is heated and safe so that it doesn’t go downhill more in the upcoming winter months. “The quicker we can make an agreement with whoever it may be the best solution.”

Speakers in attendance were ArtsaRound representatives J.P. Pennell ArtsaRound President, Kristen May, and Steve Rigs. ArtsRound gave updates on The Pickaway Arts and Life Center, asked for a solution before winter months affected the non-heated building and asked for continued joint measure for both arts and city.  Steve Rigs encouraged out of the box thinking to partner with arts. “We have seen a lot of kids come off the streets to learn arts. This is a great community and a great opportunity for Circleville.”

In finance News Barry D. Keller reported that with the extra occupancy in the local hotel we have a check to deposit to the city of extra bed taxes of $15,000.00 and Insurance money of $2,700.00 for the window replacement of City Hall.