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Circleville – Baseball Trade Night to Feature Raffle for Autographed Chris Sabo Jersey Benefiting Walk the Talk Ministries


CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio – Baseball enthusiasts and collectors alike are gearing up for an exciting event next Saturday as the baseball trade night returns. Organized by Game Time Sports/Collectables, the event promises an evening filled with trading opportunities, giveaways, and philanthropy.

One of the highlights of the evening will be the raffle of an autographed Chris Sabo jersey. Proceeds from the raffle will go towards supporting Walk the Talk Ministries, a charitable organization that distributes 14,000 meals each month to those in need within the community.

“We’re thrilled to be able to combine our passion for baseball with a chance to give back to the community,” said Game Time Collectibles. “Walk the Talk Ministries does incredible work, and we’re honored to support their mission.”

The baseball trade night typically attracts a diverse crowd of collectors, with a couple of dozen enthusiasts expected to attend. The first 25 attendees will receive gift bags filled with baseball-themed goodies and treats.

In addition to the raffle and trading opportunities, the event will also mark the expansion of the organizers’ breaking page, with plans for continued growth in the sports card market. The surge in popularity of sports cards over the past six months has contributed to the overall excitement surrounding the event.

“We’re witnessing a resurgence in interest in sports cards, and it’s an exciting time for collectors,” said Willam Francis. “We’re looking forward to connecting with fellow enthusiasts and sharing in our passion for the hobby.”

Looking ahead, organizers have ambitious plans to launch a trading card show in the Circleville area in the fall, providing even more opportunities for collectors to come together and trade.

“We’re always looking for ways to bring the community together and celebrate our shared interests,” added Francis. “And with the addition of Wild Bills Soda, a local favorite from the Pumpkin Show, we’re adding an extra special touch to the event.”

Baseball trade night promises to be an evening filled with camaraderie, trading, and giving back to the community, making it a must-attend event for baseball fans and collectors alike.

Game Time Collectables is located at 2146 North Court street in Circleville