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Chillicothe – Underage Man Charged for Using Fake ID to Buy Beer

Not actual ID in case

Chillicothe – A man was charged after attempting to buy a cold one with a fake ID he bought on a website.

According to the Chillicothe police department on 11/30/22, they were called to the local Roosters on Plaza Blvd when a staff member reported that a man had presented them with an ID that looked fake asking to buy an alcoholic beverage.

During the investigation, police ran the ID and it came back with no results, determining it was fake police confronted the man and asked for more information, which he gave the officer the birth date that was on the ID 12/06/1999, and the name of Richard Michael Roberts. The system did not find the man. The officer then ran the name and estimated age of 19 (12/06/2002) and found a match for the suspect by comparing the suspect to his BMV photo.

Police confronted the man and Richard made an admission that he was
attempting to use the ID to purchase beer at the restaurant. Richard advised he purchased the ID from a website called fakeyourdrank.com.

Richard was charged with prohibitions for underage persons concerning beer/ intoxicating liquor, he was barred from Roosters and given a court date.