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Chillicothe Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Charges


On March 9th, 2024, while patrolling E Water Street, an officer observed a red Hyundai Elantra fail to use a turn signal during a lane change. The vehicle was stopped after it pulled into a nearby bank.

Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer made contact with the driver and passenger. The driver’s license and the passenger’s Social Security number were verified. A check revealed that the passenger identified as Christopher Wagoner had outstanding warrants.

The passenger was removed from the vehicle, handcuffed, and searched. No additional evidence was found.

Search of the Vehicle

Since the passenger was arrested, the officer informed the driver that a search of the passenger’s immediate area within the vehicle would be conducted. The driver exited the vehicle and the search commenced.

During the search, a cut straw containing suspected drug residue was discovered. With probable cause established, the search was expanded.

Discovery of Narcotics and Paraphernalia

A search of the vehicle’s rear revealed a backpack containing a small pouch. Inside the pouch, officers found a clear bag with a white crystalline substance, a digital scale, and other drug paraphernalia. Additionally, medication bottles with the driver’s name were located near the suspected drugs.

Miranda Rights and Next Steps

The driver was informed of their Miranda rights and stated they understood. They claimed to be transporting a friend and that the items found belonged to them. Officers could not verify the relocation claim. The driver denied knowledge of the baggie containing the suspected drugs.

The driver identified as Courtney Hougland, was issued a traffic citation and informed that pending lab results that she could face criminal charges.

Evidence Collection and Processing

Upon arrival at the police station, photos of the seized evidence were taken. The weight of the suspected drug in the baggie was estimated at approximately 3.4 grams.