Home News Chillicothe Secures H2Ohio Chloride Reduction Grant to Enhance Salt Management

Chillicothe Secures H2Ohio Chloride Reduction Grant to Enhance Salt Management


In a significant development for environmental stewardship and community safety, the City of Chillicothe has been awarded grant funding from the H2Ohio Chloride Reduction Program. This funding initiative aims to empower communities in improving salt storage and distribution practices to curtail the runoff of salt into Ohio’s water bodies.

The announcement, made on May 13, 2024, underscores Chillicothe’s commitment to environmental sustainability and infrastructure enhancement. The grant, provided through a competitive process by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, allocates $1 million across municipalities to combat chloride pollution.

Following a rigorous evaluation process, Chillicothe emerged as one of the thirty municipalities selected for funding, with the distinction of being one of only nine recipients to receive the maximum award of $75,000. This substantial grant will be instrumental in facilitating the construction of Chillicothe’s inaugural permanent salt storage facility.

The proposed facility is slated to be erected at the city-owned lot located at 415 Renick Avenue, adjacent to the yard waste site and the current salt stockpile area. This strategic placement underscores the city’s proactive approach to efficiently managing winter weather challenges and ensuring optimal road maintenance standards.

Expressing enthusiasm for the project, Mayor Luke Feeney emphasized the paramount importance of community safety, particularly during inclement winter conditions. By investing in essential infrastructure, Chillicothe aims to bolster its capacity to address winter weather exigencies and uphold road safety standards effectively.

Governor Mike DeWine lauded the program’s dual focus on road safety and environmental preservation. He highlighted the critical role of road salt in ensuring safe driving conditions while underscoring the imperative to mitigate its adverse impact on water quality. The excessive runoff of road salt, as noted by the Ohio EPA, poses significant hazards to aquatic ecosystems and water sources, necessitating concerted efforts to mitigate pollution.

Director Laurie Stevenson echoed Governor DeWine’s sentiments, reaffirming the core ethos of the H2Ohio program in fostering resilient and sustainable communities statewide. The no-strings-attached funding provided through H2Ohio aligns with the program’s overarching objective of fortifying communities, promoting safety, and safeguarding environmental health.

The grant awarded to Chillicothe signifies a significant stride in advancing the city’s environmental sustainability goals while reinforcing its commitment to community welfare and infrastructure development. As construction commences on the new salt storage facility, Chillicothe stands poised to set a benchmark in responsible salt management practices, setting a precedent for municipalities across Ohio.