Home News Chillicothe Police Respond to Criminal Activity on Camelin Hill Road Area

Chillicothe Police Respond to Criminal Activity on Camelin Hill Road Area


On March 20, 2024, law enforcement was dispatched to the vicinity of Camelin Hill Road and Baum Hill Road following reports of individuals on bicycles wearing masks and trespassing on private properties.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers were informed by a passerby that two individuals on bicycles were spotted riding up Camelin Hill Road towards State Route 772. Police initiated contact with the two subjects in the area.

The individuals were identified as [Name Redacted], described as wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and black pants, and Christopher Pollock, identified as wearing a black and camouflage jacket with black pants. [Name Redacted] indicated they were heading to Noah Hopkins’ residence, while Pollock attempted to flee on foot towards a wooded area upon police questioning.

Despite commands to halt, Pollock evaded apprehension temporarily. Meanwhile, officers observed a black backpack atop a nearby trashcan, which Pollock denied ownership of, claiming it belonged to [Name Redacted]. However, upon further investigation, criminal tools including a mask, crowbar, dark clothing, hand tools, flashlight, and a cell phone were found inside the backpack. Pollock admitted to holding the backpack for [Name Redacted].

Subsequently, Pollock was placed under arrest for possessing criminal tools and transported to the Ross County Jail. Further charges including obstructing official business and resisting arrest are pending.

Law enforcement will proceed with a warrant request for [Name Redacted] in connection with the incident. The investigation remains ongoing.

Authorities remind the public to report any suspicious activity promptly and cooperate with law enforcement directives for public safety.