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Chillicothe Police Reports Highlight Varied Incidents Across City

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Chillicothe, OH – The Chillicothe Police Department released a detailed log of incidents occurring on July 10th, 2024, shedding light on the diverse challenges faced by law enforcement within the city.

Early in the morning, officers responded to multiple calls, including a burglary report at 635 Liberty Street and a theft at 78 S Walnut Street. The day continued with traffic violations, as an individual was caught running a red light on North Bridge Street and issued a citation by Officer April D. Riley.

Other notable incidents included a criminal trespassing complaint at 2545 Anderson Station Road and a vandalism report at 100 S Paint Street. The police also handled cases involving disorderly conduct, assaults, and domestic disputes across various locations in Chillicothe.

Of particular note were citations issued for driving while texting, underscoring ongoing efforts to enforce road safety laws. Officers Cassidy Ross and Kristen Litchfield were separately cited for texting violations during routine patrols on North Bridge Street.

Later in the day, officers responded to more serious matters, such as a warrant arrest on Riverside Street and a disturbance call at 323 E 7th Street. These incidents highlight the varied nature of law enforcement responses required throughout the day in Chillicothe.

Belinda Hufferd was also cited for driving under suspension after officers discovered her vehicle was registered to an owner with a suspended license.

Investigations into several incidents, including thefts and assaults, remain ongoing as the police continue their efforts to maintain public safety and address community concerns.

For more information on these incidents or to report any related information, residents are encouraged to contact the Chillicothe Police Department.

This detailed account of police activities underscores the daily challenges faced by law enforcement in ensuring community safety across Chillicothe.