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Chillicothe Police Address Homeless Encampments Issues in Yoctangee Park


Chillicothe, OH – Law enforcement officials have taken action against homeless encampments in several public areas, citing trespassing violations and addressing issues of debris and cleanliness.

On July 3, 2024, Officers reported contacting Alexis Rinehart and Zachary Schwalbach at Yoctangee Park, where they were attempting to set up a tent. Both individuals had previously been warned against trespassing in the park. The officer informed that they had been directed to leave the floodwall area by Captain Short the previous day, prompting Shanks to bar them from all city parks.

Later that day, officers encountered Tony Hice at the same location. Hice had an active arrest warrant for failure to appear related to a driving under suspension charge. police arrested Hice on the warrant and issued a warning for criminal trespass at places of public amusement, barring him from all Chillicothe city parks.

Officers also responded to the Yoctangee Park floodwall on July 3 and July 4, where he found Brad Carroll and Richard Burns residing in homeless camps. Due to excessive trash and debris despite prior warnings from Captain Short, police barred them from city park and floodwall properties.

The Parks and Recreation Department, along with the Service Department, assisted in cleaning up some of the debris left by the homeless camps.

These actions come amid ongoing efforts by local authorities to address homelessness and maintain cleanliness in public spaces across Chillicothe.