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Chillicothe OH- Two Officers Injured During Pursuit of Walmart Theft Suspects


Chillicothe OH- On Friday 9-25-2020 A pursuit of theft suspects from Walmart became more than just misdemeanor charges after the suspects decided to flee from officers.

Officers were dispatched to Walmart on River Trace Ln in reference to suspects changing price tags on items inside the store and fleeing from Walmart security officer when approached. Officers arrived on scene to find that the suspects had already left the area in what was described by Walmart security as a black chevy pickup but the license plate number on the truck was fictitious.

An officer arriving on scene spotted a vehicle fitting the suspect description and turned around to make a traffic stop. That’s when the suspect vehicle went left of center and around the two vehicles in front of them at the red traffic light and fled.

A pursuit ensued, speeds in excess of 80mph were guesstimated while traveling south on Bridge Street. The suspect vehicle collided with another vehicle head on in the intersection of Bridge Street and Water Street causing heavy damage to the vehicles.

The suspect vehicle was able to continue south on Bridge Street with heavy damage and a flat tire that was causing sparks to fly out from under the truck. The suspect vehicle made it to Cooks Hill Rd where it turned and about 100 yards down the road, two suspects fled the vehicle on foot.

Officers began pursuing the suspects on foot, capturing both at different locations. One officer injured his leg, popping his knee out of place and back in. Another officer received an elbow injury and an elbow to the head area from a suspect resisting arrest. Neither officer was seriously injured during the foot pursuit.

Now for the suspects,¬† Matthew N. Mullins was the driver of the fleeing vehicle and was also tased by an officer while resisting arrest. He also admitted to being under the influence of Xanax and Methamphetamine and doesn’t remember stealing from Walmart.

A female passenger in the vehicle was identified as Jennifer M. Pentz who was issued a summons for her part in the theft and pursuit.

No one was seriously injured in the crash.

This investigation will be forwarded to the Ross County Prosecutor’s Office to be presented to the Ross County Grand Jury for indictments for Failure To Comply With The Signal Of A Peace Officer, Theft, Fleeing the Scene of an Accident, Obstructing Official Business, and Resisting Arrest.