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Chillicothe Mayor: Summer Budget, Grant Expansion, and Thanks for Fireworks

Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney

Chillicothe — The city is preparing its summer budget projection, and a large grant has been increased. Mayor Luke Feeney also expressed gratitude about the fireworks when he gave his briefing in the Chillicothe council session on July 8th, 2024.

As former city auditor, Feeney said he was familiar with the state-required “tax budget” in the middle of the year. Unlike the operating budget passed by council at the start of the new year, Feeney said this shows expected expenses and revenues based on historical data and projections.

It’s a formality to inform the county, he said, and that many changes will be made to it before the the real budget is passed. The deadline for it is July 22nd – coincidentally the next council session.

Governor Mike DeWine highlighted a $154 million state investment in Appalachian Ohio in front of Chillicothe’s historic Memorial Armory in Yoctangee Park.

The unveiling of the “Appalachian Community Grant” on May 1st was a big deal.

Feeney pointed out that Chillicothe is a sub-recipient under Ross County’s massive $150M+ portion. But the city’s $34.5M part is now even bigger, with the addition of $5M from the state capital budget.

The state is matching the money for the new visitors center in Memorial Armory in Yoctangee Park, “the keystone of the whole project.” Feeney thanked state senator Shane Wilkins and state representatives Mark Johnson and Bob Peterson for that.

He said local grant agreements should be signed within a couple weeks to make things formal, then “it’s off to the races” with action starting to take place.

Expect engagement with the community and discussion in council to nail down ideas for the grant, he says. But there’s a deadline – the funds must be spent by the end of 2026.

Feeney also offered thanks for the Independence Day city fireworks. He said funding for them was incredible work by Noon Rotary. The city allocated $15,000, but they raised the budget to to $50,000.

He said the largest donor was Adena Health System, who sponsored the grand finale for $10,000.

Council did not pass any of their short agenda of four items, all at second reading.