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Chillicothe – Man Reports Neighbor Plugged into His Electric


CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (February 24, 2024) – The Chillicothe Police Department is investigating a theft of services incident reported on February 23rd, 2024.

Officers responded to the 500 block of E Main St. following a complaint from a resident who reported that an unknown individual had allegedly stolen electricity by running an extension cord from their outlet to a neighboring property.

Details of the Incident:

  • The theft involved an unauthorized use of the resident’s electrical services.
  • The suspect(s) were not present at the scene when officers arrived.
  • A police report was filed to document the incident.

Investigation Ongoing:

The Chillicothe Police Department is currently investigating the matter. Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Chillicothe Police Department

Possible charges?

Theft of Services (Ohio Revised Code 2913.02):

This statute applies to situations where someone knowingly obtains services, such as electricity, without paying for them. The specific charge level within this statute can vary depending on the value of the services stolen:

  • Petty Theft: If the value of the stolen electricity is less than $1,000, it is considered a petty theft, which is a misdemeanor of the first degree.
  • Misdemeanor Theft: If the value is between $1,000 and $1,500, it is a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.
  • Felony Theft: If the value exceeds $1,500, it could be considered a felony of the fifth degree.

2. Tampering with Utilities (Ohio Revised Code 2909.07):

This statute applies to situations where someone tampers with or bypasses utility equipment, such as an electrical meter. This could be considered a misdemeanor of the second degree or a felony of the fifth degree, depending on the specific nature of the actions taken.

It’s important to note:

  • The actual charges filed would ultimately be determined by the prosecutor based on the specific details of the case and the value of the electricity stolen.
  • This information is not a substitute for legal advice.¬†If you are facing similar charges,¬†consult with an attorney to understand your options and potential consequences.