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Chillicothe Council President Wants to Adjust Council and Mark History

Chillicothe Council president Kevin Shoemaker.

Chillicothe — New council president Kevin Shoemaker says he wants to refine council a little bit, bring it closer to the people, and join in with history.

In Monday’s session, he said he wanted to call a review session to discuss rotating council sessions in other locations within the city, and establish consistent committee procedures.

Shoemaker said guest locations like Ohio University Chillicothe or the Transit Facility could allow neighborhood residents to attend more easily – but he said he wants to make sure it does not impact streaming the video feed of council (which has been worked on recently).

He said the way that council committees operate and record their minutes varies, especially between veteran and new chairs – so the lawyer in him would like to clarify that, as well as run it past the mayor and law director.

Shoemaker suggested having that meeting 6pm next Monday, January 29th, council’s next off-night.

He also said council should make sure the city participates in the the 250th commemoration of the American Revolution, “America 250.” The local Daughters of the American Revolution has made a good start of it, and though Chillicothe dates to post-revolutionary times, it has strong links to the start of the nation.

Shoemaker said history is important, and we must learn from it – otherwise it’s just a fantasy in a book.

Hear details in the below video interview.