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Chillicothe – Awarded 1.6 Million for Violent Crime Reduction


NEWS RELEASE: Mayor Luke Feeney Announces $1.6M Grant to Support Chillicothe Police Department

Mayor Luke Feeney announced today that the City of Chillicothe has been awarded a $1.6M Ohio Violent Crime Reduction grant. Funds will be used to increase the departmental staffing with eight additional police officers, provide sign-on bonuses and other recruitment tools, and reduce turnover of current staff through retention bonuses.

“Our first responders work so hard to protect our community, when we saw this grant opportunity, we knew it would be a great way to show our appreciation for the work that they do while furthering the department’s vision of a safer community. The broad impact of this grant will range from enhancing an anti-drug special investigation unit to recruiting and retaining great public servants, said Mayor Feeney. I couldn’t be happier to support the department’s great work and to share the good news.”

The Ohio Violent Crimes Reduction grant seeks to support law enforcement by addressing challenges in tackling violent crimes that have increased as a result of the pandemic.

The awarded funds will increase departmental staffing above and beyond its recent levels which will rebuild a Narcotics & Special Investigations Unit (NSIU) and allow for community violence intervention through community policing using a community resource officer, a plan laid out by Chief Ron Meyers.

“The growth of the Narcotics & Special Investigations Unit (NSIU) will allow us to be more proactive when it comes to preventing the serious issues of illegal narcotics dealing, gun violence and violent crimes, and overdoses and overdose related deaths,” said Chief Ron Meyers. “The unit will work on solving problems throughout the community by focusing on Hot Spot and Community Oriented Policing with the overarching goal of making Chillicothe the safest community in Ohio”

The City of Chillicothe is currently seeking qualified applicants to apply for Police Officer positions with the Chillicothe Police Department. Pending City Council approval of the grant award, hired individuals will be eligible for a $3,000 sign-on bonus. To learn more about the position and how to apply, visit chillicotheoh.gov.