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Chillicothe Apartment Fire Investigation Turned Over to State Fire Marshals Office


Scioto Township, Ohio – Authorities responded to a structure fire at the Applegate Apartments on March 25, 2024, prompting a thorough investigation into the incident.

Upon arrival at the scene, firefighters observed smoke emanating from the apartment complex, with the majority of the fire concentrated in or around the leasing office. The property manager recounted the sequence of events, stating that he had vacated the office building around 8:30 a.m. that morning. Shortly thereafter, a resident alerted him to the presence of smoke in the office, prompting him to investigate. He described encountering flames upon opening the door, estimating that approximately $10,000 worth of money orders were stored within the office.

Another resident corroborated the manager’s account, noting that she detected a burning odor around 11:00 a.m. She promptly contacted emergency services and attempted to reach the landlord, to no avail. She ensured the evacuation of her neighbors before witnessing flames engulfing the leasing office.

Residents provided further insight into the events preceding the fire. One reported hearing activity near the office approximately 30 minutes prior to the fire, while another mentioned hearing disturbances in the office area about an hour before the blaze erupted.

Authorities contacted the State Fire Marshal’s Office to aid in the investigation. Investigators arrived at the scene to assess the situation and gather evidence. Additionally, another resident provided crucial surveillance footage capturing movements around the apartment complex on the morning of the incident.

Further inquiries revealed that the purported $10,000 in the office was comprised of money orders rather than cash, as initially reported. Witness statements were obtained as part of the investigation.

The investigation remains ongoing, with the State Fire Marshal’s Office assuming jurisdiction over the case. Authorities continue to piece together the events leading up to the fire as they work to determine the cause and any potential contributing factors. Residents affected by the incident have been assured of support and assistance from local agencies, including the Red Cross.