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“Chillicoffee” is the Newest Food Trailer in Chillicothe

Linsey Fasold with "Chillicoffee," the newest food trailer in Chillicothe.

Chillicothe — A new food truck has joined the ranks of mobile venues. “Chillicoffee” had its soft opening Friday, offering vintage brews and fruit juices.

Owner Linsey Fasold explained that she and her husband Robert have been in Chillicothe only a year, and they wanted to be part of community. So, Linsey created a 1950s style trailer – and Robert is working on a simulated gun range and cigar shop.

Linsey celebrated her birthday during the soft opening behind their home on May 3rd, 2024. She credits her husband with naming “Chillicoffee” and is surprised that no one had taken the name yet.

She said she plans to have the trailer at Gus Macker and the Feast of the Flowering Moon, but also be ambassadors for Chillicothe farther out like in Columbus and Dayton.

Fasold says all the names of her drinks are based on WWII slang, and she looked into what coffee was like then. Hear her in her own words in the below interview video.

“Chillicoffee” has a website and Facebook page, and can be reached at (702) 848-3838.

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