Home News Chick-Fil-A Employee Climbs in Sewer to Save Customers Phone

Chick-Fil-A Employee Climbs in Sewer to Save Customers Phone


VIRGINA – A woman says that a Chick-Fil-A employee went above and beyond when he saved her phone from ultimate demise when it fell into a storm drain.

According to Shauna Hall’s Facebook Post

she had parked in the local restaurant and when she opened the back door of her van to get her child out she dropped her phone into the drain that was underneath her van. The iPhone she says was just paid off and had a brand new expensive otter box case on it.

She said, “Just My Luck, I have the worse luck.”

She said after getting on the ground and attempting to place her head in the dark abyss to see if it happened to land somewhere within reach, when she said it was not she felt sick for losing such a expensive item.

Knowing how helpful Chick-Fil-A Managers usually are she went to ask for help, and although the manager did not know how to help the Digital Marketing Director did, he first attempted to locate the phone with a make-shift mirror grab stick but find the phone unreachable from that location. He then attempts to call the phone from his own personal cell phone, but just before he does that they see the manhole just behind the drain and notice its unlocked. The woman and the man attempt to pull up the manhole cover which are very heavy and the man cuts his finger. After bandaging himself up they gain access to the drain via the manhole. The Director then climbs down the hole and retrieves the phone and it is not damaged or broken.

Seth according to the story was covered in dirt and filth from laying on the ground and climbing into the storm drain access. Seth also made sure that Shauna and her son had a free meal on the house for having, “a bad day”