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Cedar Point or Kings Island? Which one is Preferred?


Cedar Point is the most popular attraction ticket among Ohioans, a new study has found.   

The experts at Tickets2You Discount Ticket Deals analyzed Google searches between May 2023 and April 2024 for America’s most sought-after attraction tickets. Approximately 339 theme parks were ranked based on the highest number of monthly ticket searches in Ohio to reveal the state’s most wanted attraction tickets. 

Ohio theme park Cedar Point is the most popular attraction ticket among Ohioans. On average, locals search for Cedar Point tickets 22,700 times every month. It is home to thrill coasters like the delayed Top Thrill 2, Corkscrew, GateKeeper, and 65 different rides. Cedar Point is also Michigan‘s most in-demand attraction ticket, averaging 17,792 monthly searches.  

Kings Island is the second most sought after attraction ticket among Ohioans. Searches for Kings Island tickets average 18,592 every month in the state. Along with thrill and family rides like Orion and Cargo Loco, it also features Soak City Water Park, which boasts 36 water slides. Kings Island is also the most popular attraction ticket in Kentucky, with residents completing an average of 6,547 monthly searches. 

The Walt Disney World Resort is home to Ohio‘s third most in-demand attraction tickets, with 8,325 average monthly searches among Ohioans. Spanning four theme parks and two water parks, Disney World in Orlando, Florida has some of the globe’s leading theme park rides like Space Mountain, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Avatar Flight of Passage, The Haunted Mansion, and much more. Visitors can enjoy days out in Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, exploring famous landmarks like Cinderella’s Castle and witnessing the resort’s famous fireworks displays. Approximately 22 states searched for Walt Disney World Resort tickets more than any other attraction ticket, including New York, Florida, and New Jersey

Tennessee’s premier theme park destination, Dollywood, is the fourth most popular attraction ticket among Ohio residents. Locals search for Dollywood tickets an average of 2,233 times every month. Thrill seekers can ride coasters like Mystery Mine and Dragonflier, while family rides like Rockin’ Roadway and Lemon Twist suit those of all ages. Dollywood also ranked top as the most popular attraction ticket in both Tennessee and West Virginia, gathering 29,617 and 1,408 average monthly searches, respectively. 

Universal Studios Florida rounds out the five most sought-after attraction tickets for Ohioans, with monthly searches for tickets reaching an average of 1,313 in the state. Located in Orlando, Universal Studios Florida is the only destination worldwide to feature The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley. The park celebrates the movies with other franchises like Despicable Me, Men in Black, The Mummy, Fast & Furious, and more. Floridians search for these tickets more than any other, averaging 21,775 monthly searches. Universal Studios Florida is also the third most sought-after attraction ticket in Mississippi, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Louisiana

Pennsylvania’s Kennywood Park took sixth spot on the overall ranking. Locals in Ohio complete 1,192 monthly searches a month for Kennywood tickets. Featuring a mixture of classic attractions and modern thrill rides, the park contains the only single-continuous track coaster in America.  

The centerpiece of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Magic Kingdom is the seventh most in-demand attraction ticket in Ohio. The popular theme park averages 784 searches per month in the state. Renowned for its iconic Cinderella Castle, classic attractions like Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain, and show-stopping nighttime fireworks, Magic Kingdom is an ever-popular destination among American theme park goers. It is the fourth most popular attraction ticket in both Florida and Minnesota while also ranking fifth in Connecticut, Georgia, and Louisiana

Epcot in Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort places eighth in the study of the most popular attraction tickets for Ohioans. They search for Epcot tickets an average of 716 times a month. A more adult-focused park that celebrates technology and global culture, Epcot brings together cuisines from around the world. With educational attractions like Spaceship Earth and Living with the Land, people of all ages can also jump into some of Disney’s most popular franchises with rides based on Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy

Land of Illusion claims ninth spot and is one of four Ohio destinations to feature. Around 666 average Google searches are completed each month by state residents for tickets to the location. The summer water park is home to splash zones, a floating obstacle course and more.   

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Columbus is the final destination to feature in the study. On average, Ohioans search for tickets to the local theme park destination 640 times a month. The indoor amusement park features a 4D cinema and LEGO VR, as well as rides like Kingdom Quest and Merlin’s Apprentice.  

Table: America’s most popular attraction tickets in Ohio 

Ranking Attraction Average monthly search volume 
Cedar Point 22,700 
Kings Island 18,592 
Walt Disney World Resort 8,325 
Dollywood Theme Park 2,233 
Universal Studios Florida 1,313 
Kennywood Park 1,192 
Magic Kingdom Park 784 
Epcot 716 
Land of Illusion 666 
10 LEGOLAND Discovery Center Columbus 640 

A spokesperson for Tickets2You Discount Ticket Deals commented on the study: “Orlando, Florida, has reaffirmed its position as America’s premier theme park destination. Four of the destinations featured in the most popular attraction tickets among Ohioans are found in Orlando: Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Florida, Magic Kingdom Park, and Epcot.  

“With Universal set to open its state-of-the-art new theme park Epic Universe in Orlando next year featuring lands dedicated to Harry Potter, Nintendo, How To Train Your Dragon, and Universal Monsters, it will be interesting to see how much Orlando increases its stranglehold on theme park guests nationwide, and whether Universal can usurp Disney as the most popular attraction ticket in the country.”