Home News Breaking News: Tigers Senior Suffers Season Ending Injury

Breaking News: Tigers Senior Suffers Season Ending Injury


Report Submitted: Deven Anderson, HOME Sports Media

Last night, the Circleville Tigers traveled to Alexander, to play the Spartans for their final scrimmage before the 2017 football season. As the sun was setting, it was 1st and goal, and the Tigers had the ball, just before the end of the 2nd quarter.

The QB snapped the ball, and senior OL Nick Grady #54, fell backwards, and time stopped. The horrific cries of players and fans alike filled the stadium. Immediately, the leaders of the football team began rallying around Nick in prayer.

Nick was transported to the Alexander Emergency Room by squad for a severely dislocated ankle. What happened next, shows the strength of the #OurCircleville family. The players on both sides stopped the scrimmage and didn’t play another snap.

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Both teams met in the middle of the field and began to pray for Nick and his family. #FNG54, For Nick Grady #54. We’re asking all of our readers to continually pray for Nick, his family, and this football team.

Injury Update: The family has reported to us that Nick suffered a severely dislocated ankle. He was released from Athens Hospital overnight and is expected to require surgery next week to repair the damage. 



  1. Seeing him injured, laying on that field with what I am assuming was mom next to him was heart wrenching. But what happened once the squad left was a testament to what this sport teaches our young men, they came together as ONE to pray for him in the middle of the field….we adults sure should take note of that act ❤️
    Continued prayers from all of us Spartans.

  2. Many prayers are being lifted up for this young man, his family, teammates and coaches. Last night was certainly difficult watching this unfold on the field and our hearts went out to everyone. When we looked out to see two teams become one when joining hands and praying in the center of the field, we were all blessed and touched. Our entire community has had Nick on our minds since the injury and we hope to continue getting updates on him. Continued prayers from the Spartans for a full and speedy recovery.

  3. Praying surgery is a success & his career hasn’t ended. His career as a kicker may end but let’s all join in & pray he’ll find another position he can play or be along the line encouraging & mentoring others.

  4. I feel that I can speak for our team and the our entire Tiger family…We appreciate your compassion and concern for our fellow Tiger! He is in good spirits with his team beside him. We would like to wish the Spartans great success this season and for seasons to come.

  5. I live in Iowa, but saw my friend’s post asking for prayers for Nick. I am a huge football and hockey fan and have observed many injuries over the years. My heart skips a beat EVERY time and I start praying. Seeing these pics and especially the one of the players and fans circled in prayer brought tears to my eyes. I’ll be praying for a successful surgery and for full recovery for Nick.

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