Home News Breaking News: Standoff in North Circleville

Breaking News: Standoff in North Circleville


CIRCLEVILLE – A stand off is currently happening at 140 York street in North Circleville. Police have guns drawn and have the road shut down. This may be the the location of the excaped prisoner from Gallia County.

“At approximately 5:32 p.m. last night, three individuals used force to overcome corrections staff and fled custody from the Gallia County Jail which is located in the basement of the Gallia County Courthouse. Two of those individuals have been taken back into custody, however one male remains at large. That male is identified as Richard Clements Jr., age 41. Mr. Clements is described as being 6’02” tall, weighs approximately 215 pounds and has brown hair and blue eyes. Mr. Clements was wearing a white t-shirt and orange jail issued pants at the time that he fled. It is believed that this escape was premeditated based upon the investigation thus far. We are currently conducting a thorough investigation and search for Mr. Clements. If anyone has any information regarding Mr. Clements and his whereabouts, please contact the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office immediately at 740.446.1221.”


Clements is from the Pickaway County area and has lived in Circleville.

A chopper has been dispatched and flying overhead.