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Brad Prickett Candidate for Mayor Posts Ideas for Circleville


CIRCLEVILLE – Brad Prickett announced his run for mayor way before the official paperwork was in, after being certified he’s been very vocal on social media. He recently posted a statement on ideas he thinks would be good for the city.

This is a press release from the Candidate and it doesn’t not represent any views of Sciotopost or a Endorsement, this information is to educate Circleville citizens so they can make whatever choice they decide.


As I look into what plans need implementing if elected, here are the first things that I will work on diligently immediately after I take office.
We are Circleville, not Bexley, Canal Winchester, Groveport, etc. Let’s make our city Ours and be the envy of other cities! We as residents, and elected officials, need to come together for the greater good!

Looking at the budget, currently it is being made without with Revenue in mind.
We need to do everything possible to keep all work in-house, and save everywhere possible.
I will spend time with EVERY department head, and come up with plans to do what we need to do to cut needless spending within our City!
Reckless spending, will ruin any city!

I will sit down with the Chiefs, see what total hours are being spent on overtime, and look for the best course of action to begin hiring much needed First Responders. The money is there, it’s just being spent on unsafe amounts of overtime.
More Officers on the streets, will help with the current drug issues we have, and keep the streets safer for everyone.
More Fire and Rescue will help ensure we have manned Engines and Squads to provide proper services for anyone in need.
We need to SERIOUSLY look into options to build a Fire Station on the South Side to keep the WHOLE city safe.
They take care of us, we NEED to take care of them!

Our parks system is nearly nonexistent. I will get with those that are currently running our youth and little leagues, and begin dialogue to bring more to our youth. We should look into a Parks and Rec Director position, a non paid position, to help with the workup to a real Parks and Recreation department.
We will work to get funding to build up our parks system!
Our kids need something to do, outside, in our city.

We need to begin looking at repairs to Many roadways in our City! The South Side, in my opinion, is where we should start. Instead of paying for intersections, new parking plans, etc., we need to identify the worst streets and start there.
Being in road construction nearly 16 years, I know what I’m looking at.

A city can NOT grow without basic services provided, that WE as residents pay for!
It will take All of Us to begin to Move our city in the right direction!

Political Parties are not my agenda, therefore, I WILL work with EVERYONE to come up with the best course of action for the benefit of our city! A Mayor must be approachable, open minded and eager to work on any and all issues within the city!

Bradley Prickett
Residents First