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Boy Charges as Man After Multiple Criminal Offenses


Scioto county – Scioto County Prosecutor, Shane Tieman announced that on August 16, 2019 Nicholas Crace, of Wheelersburg, Ohio, entered a Guilty Plea to Robbery, Escape, and Illegal Conveyance of Drugs of Abuse onto Grounds of a Specified Government Facility.

The case began in July 28, 2018 when Crace, who was 17 years old at the time, and another juvenile, assaulted a veteran over the age of 65 in Wheelersburg, stole his wallet and fled the scene. Crace subsequently ran from Sheriff’s deputies during the investigation, but was later apprehended, detained, and charged in Scioto County Juvenile Court. The other youth cooperated with law enforcement, took responsibility for his involvement in the Robbery and was successfully rehabilitated through Scioto County Juvenile Court’s Probation program.

During his period in juvenile detention Crace ran from court officers during a medical appointment and was charged with Escape. While on the run, Crace led law enforcement in Kentucky on a 100-mile chase through Kentucky where he was eventually arrested.

The Scioto County Prosecutor’s office initiated proceedings to transfer Crace from Juvenile Court to have him charged as an adult based upon his history as a Delinquent Child and the nature of the charges against him. Juvenile Court Judge Alan Lemons bound Crace over to the Scioto County Common Pleas Court, General Division and he was indicted as an adult.

During the pendency of the transfer proceedings, Crace was caught smuggling drugs into the Scioto County Jail and indicted as an adult for the Illegal Conveyance.

All of Crace’s currently pending criminal charges in Ohio were resolved by a plea bargain in Common Pleas Court. As a result of the plea agreement, Judge Howard Harcha, III sentenced the Defendant to an aggregate 8 years sentence.