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Bill Heading to Senate Would Allow Personal Firework Use


OHIO – Most fourth of July firework shows have been cancelled for this year due to Covid-19 restrictions from Gov. Dewine and Amy Acton, now a bipartisan bill allowing legal use of consumer-grade fireworks is working its way through the system.

House Bill 253, which passed 77-17 and now heads to the Senate, is the latest attempt by state lawmakers to change Ohio’s fireworks law.

Under the current law residents 18 years or older can buy fireworks, but they must take them out of state within 48 hours and cannot use them in Ohio. This rule is regularly flouted in Ohio.

Michael O’Brien, a Warren Democrat co-sponsoring the bill, says that the law hasnt changed in a long time and is overdue.

According to the bill local government would be able to set rules of use in the area, either banning them or keeping use to certain times. A 4% tax would be placed on fireworks and that money would go to firefighter training and enforcement of fireworks law. The bill would also require firework dealers to give out free safety glasses to purchasers.

Republican Don Manning of Mahoning County was the other person to introduce the bill, but died earlier this year.