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Bike Stolen During Ross County Swap Meet Event


ROSS – A mini bike was stolen in broad daylight with dozens of people around.

According to the Ross County sheriff’s office on November 06, 2021, Deputy Roderick was dispatched to the Ross County Fairgrounds on a report of a stolen 1976 Honda XR75 mini bike.

Upon arrival, the Deputy made contact with the victim who states that he arrived to the swap meet at approximately 1030hrs and parked in the parking lot with the bike in the bed of his truck.

When the victim left the bike and spent time in the event when he returned back to his truck at approximately 1200hrs, the bike and tie-down straps had been taken by unknown persons. While Deputy Roderick spoke
with the victium, event staff approached and advised that their staff would be posted at all exits in an attempt to locate the bike.

The Deputy walked around the event for several minutes to see if it was for sale inside the event. After looking for several minutes, Deputy cleared the scene.