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Betting on the 2020 Kentucky Oaks: Common FAQs You Should Know


The agony of the Kentucky Derby to find its redemption is finally taking shape in less than ten days. Remember that last year, it disqualified the real winner minutes after the show because of a severe violation. This year, it's supposed to start last May, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Derby will push through on September 5, 2020.

Before the official Kentucky Derby occurs, the Kentucky Oaks is the first racing game to watch out. It is a Grade 1 stakes horse racing event that highlights all three-year-old "fillies" or female horses. Also, these horses have weight requirements at least 121 lbs, and the total
prize at stake is $1.25 million.

The Kentucky Oaks 2020 happens on Friday before the Kentucky Derby. That said, it will saddle up on September 4, 2020, still at the dirt track of Churchill Downs, Kentucky. Thus, if you want to see how female horses can maintain their poise while displaying excellent speed variation on the field, here are the common FAQs to take note of before the Kentucky Oaks
happen. What Is Kentucky Oaks?

As mentioned earlier, all three-year-old fillies that weigh at least 55 kgs are allowed to participate in this event. The Kentucky Oaks is part of the Derby festivity, which gives honor to all-female horses in the world. The Oaks are created because fillies have different toughness, unlike colts, which are powerful and vigorous.

The Kentucky Oaks was established in 1875, and this year, it will celebrate its 146th renewal. The horses will compete in a dirt track with a one ⅛ mile running-distance. The purse prize is around $1.25 million, and the first placer will get $750,000. Aside from the monetary reward, the Kentucky Oaks hero will receive a silver Kentucky Oaks Trophy.

How Many Horses Are Running?

The Kentucky Oaks field allows a maximum of eighteen horses to compete inside the dirt track. If some of the horses in the top fourteen will withdraw their slot or resign, the next
female horse in the ranking will take the replacement. The process will then continue if two or more horses are no longer participating.

Before a filly can earn a slot in the Kentucky Oaks, they must earn points to help them rank. The Road to the Kentucky Oaks features 30 stakes races from September to April. Aside from
the points, the filly must pay a nomination fee, depending on how much is required.

Are Audiences Allowed Inside The Field?

The game plans kept on changing in the past few months, but as the Derby settles in a few days, Churchill Downs officials will no longer allow fans to show up and see the Derby. Only
the participants and authorized personnel are allowed to get inside the venue. It means that all the activities scheduled during the Kentucky Derby festival are no longer happening.

Only the racing game is going to take place, and no more hospitality and dining services will be given. According to Churchill Downs Inc.& statement, fans who booked an early ticket for the Derby will be issued a refund immediately. Kentucky Governor, Andy Beshear is sad to announce that the Derby won't accept spectators, but also mentioned that the people's safety is the main priority.

Are There Any Changes In The Betting Games?

Although there are no spectators allowed to see the live racing show, the betting games will stay the same. You can use your dedicated online sportsbook to check the latest Derby and
Oaks odds to get guided on how each entry ranks. All the betting categories will still work, but prizes may vary depending on the bookie.

You can still gamble on the Win, Place, and Show, which are the most popular Derby and Oaks betting game. Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta are still offered in the same manner. Make sure to finalize your bankroll and deposit the needed amount so you can bet without a hitch. Take advantage of the rewards and promotions to increase your earnings.

How Many Fillies Have Confirmed Their Entry?

As of now, twelve horses confirmed their final slot in the Kentucky Oaks. The current leaderboard is led by Swiss Skydiver, followed by Speech, Bony South, Shedaresthedevil,
Venetian Harbor, and Tonalist's Shape.

Completing the twelve sure entries are Project Whiskey, Donna Veloce, Gamine, Hopeful Growth, Tempers Rising, and Dream Marie. Make sure to check their odds and lines from time
to time to see who's the best bet.


It may be less popular with some bettors, but Kentucky Oaks brings the best female horses on earth. Not only that, but the betting games are also huge, so there is no excuse to miss this event before you head on to the Derby. Hence, get guided with the common FAQs laid out above to understand what Kentucky Oaks fields look in September.