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BBB Releases “Naughty List” for Scams During Holiday Season

Cute woman buying presents for holiday season (Getty Images)

US – The Better Business Bureau has released the top naughty list for holiday scams shoppers should see this season and to use caution. This list promotes awareness to the heightened scams during holiday season.

“While 2021 is quickly winding down, scams targeting the public continue to cause trouble. Consumers should watch out for any fraudulent schemes aimed at swiping their cash and stealing personal information.¬†Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a Naughty List with the top 12 scams of Christmas¬†that are most likely to catch consumers and donors off guard during this season.”

BBB said many scams are facilitated through emails and social media platforms today. With Social media, one of the newest is also one of the most popular for scammers nowadays. Scammers take advantage of the new technology and less education to these types of scams.

Number one was social media ads were the most commonly reported type of scam in 2020 with the most victims. BBB reported that around 38% of the total reports the bureau received over the course of last year.

The BBB expects the trend to continue this holiday season, and is warning consumers to be wary of ads offering free trials, charity donations in exchange for purchase or deep price cuts on typically pricey items. 

Social media gift exchanges became a number 2 last year in most common scams. The scheme revolves around wine exchanging or 10 dollar gifts online to “pay it forward.” One scam offers a secret Santa dog where presents are sent to a secret dog. Participants are unwittingly sharing personal information along with those of their family members and friends, and are further tricked into buying and shipping gifts or money to unknown individuals. And– it’s an illegal pyramid scheme.

Holiday Apps are an up and coming trend for scams Apple and Google play will be filled with new holiday-themed apps where children can talk with Santa, watch a Santa live feed, send wish lists to the old jolly guy up north. Some of these apps are fine, just make sure you are checking privacy policies to see what information will be collected. Be wary of free apps, as they can sometimes contain more advertising than apps that require a nominal fee. Free apps can also contain malware.

Other scams like Free Gift cards, fake Holiday jobs, look-alike websites, fake charities, hot toy, and puppy scams are part of the holiday season. More info on these types of scams click here: https://www.bbb.org/article/news-releases/23497-the-naughty-list-bbbs-12-scams-of-christmas