Home News Bambi’s Farm Market Bids Farewell to Circleville After 16 Years of Service

Bambi’s Farm Market Bids Farewell to Circleville After 16 Years of Service


After serving the Circleville community for sixteen years, Bambi’s Farm Market is bidding farewell to its cherished customers. Located on US-23 just south of the North Court street exit.

In a heartfelt message, the owners expressed their gratitude for the unwavering support and friendship shown by the local community throughout their time in Pickaway County.

“We cannot thank you enough for all the love and support you have shown our small business during that time,” the owners expressed in their announcement. “You have always been more than just customers. A lot of you have become friends, some have even become like family to us.”

The owners reminisced about the countless memories shared with their customers, from watching children grow up to offering support during difficult times. They acknowledged the profound impact the community has had on their lives and expressed deep appreciation for the connections forged over the years.

However, with a mixture of sadness and excitement, Bambi’s Farm Market announced that it will be relocating to Sunbury, embarking on a new chapter in its journey. The move to a new location is aimed at fostering long-term growth and providing enhanced opportunities for the small business to thrive.

“While we bid goodbye to Circleville, we eagerly anticipate the new adventure awaiting us in Sunbury,” the owners remarked. They assured customers that their phone number and social media channels will remain the same, with updated address information available for those interested in visiting the new store.

Acknowledging the inconvenience for local customers, Bambi’s Farm Market encouraged patrons to continue supporting their original store located outside of Orient. The Orient location will reopen for the season in late April, offering the same beloved products and welcoming atmosphere that customers have come to appreciate.

As they bid farewell to Circleville and Pickaway County, the owners expressed profound gratitude for the cherished memories and lasting relationships forged over the years. They extended warm wishes to the community and expressed hope for future encounters, keeping the door open for continued connections and shared experiences.