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Auction Time – Circleville Auctioneer Prepares for Exciting Sale


CIRCLEVILLE – With anticipation building, a local auctioneer is gearing up for their upcoming sale next week, offering a plethora of items from household goods to handyman tools, all available to the highest bidder.

On April 27th, the company received a truckload of merchandise from Lowes, ensuring all items were thoroughly tested and checked for completeness before hitting the auction floors. The auction, set for May 11th at 1211 North Court Street in Circleville, promises a variety of exciting items. Doors open at 5 p.m. for preview, with the auction commencing at 6 p.m.

The inventory includes a wide range of items such as toolboxes, weed-eaters, chain saws, table saws, paint sprayers, power washers, battery-powered sprayers, hedge trimmers, air compressors, nail guns, leaf blowers, new home lighting, curtains, phone-activated door locks, bedding, throw blankets, dehumidifiers, bathroom vanities, kitchen sinks, bathroom vents, rocking chairs, puff soft swivel chairs, and much more. Additionally, there are items tailored for the ladies, ensuring something for everyone.

Brad Parrett, a father of two and grandfather of 13, along with his wife Kristina Parrett, have dedicated decades to serving their community. Brad brings 24 years of service, including roles as a Deputy Sheriff in Ross County, State Police Officer, and Federal Police Officer at the Chillicothe VA, while Kristina boasts 16 years of work in EMS in Ross County. Both exemplify a commitment to public service and community engagement.

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Brad, the fourth generation to live and farm his family’s farm in Pickaway County, and Kristina, who operates an Airbnb called Scippo Creek Farm Airbnb, are no strangers to hard work and community involvement. Kristina also partners with her daughter to run an online boutique, showcasing their dedication to entrepreneurship.

To bring their vision to life, Brad and Kristina have partnered with Daniel DeGarmo, also known as Double D, who operates two auction houses in Chillicothe and Washington Court House. With Daniel’s expertise and their shared passion for community engagement, Brad and Kristina aim to create an inclusive and vibrant space where locals can come together, interact, and find unique treasures.