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Attorney General Challenges Overbroad Injunction on House Bill 68


Attorney General Dave Yost has taken swift action to challenge a recent injunction on House Bill 68, filing an emergency motion with the Ohio Supreme Court.

Yost asserts that Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Michael Holbrook exceeded his judicial authority by issuing a broad injunction on April 16, effectively halting the entire implementation of House Bill 68. The injunction, according to Yost, applies statewide and places the entire law on hold for all Ohioans, despite the case originating from just two families challenging specific medical provisions of the law.

House Bill 68, aimed at safeguarding Ohio families, includes provisions to protect minors from experimental medical treatments, prevent parental custody loss, and ensure fair competition for female student-athletes. Yost argues that the injunction unfairly impacts all Ohioans and undermines the legislative process.

In his motion, Yost contends that the injunction is unlawful under judicial rules, which limit preliminary injunctions to protect only the plaintiffs involved in a case. He emphasizes that Holbrook’s overreach not only violates legal standards but also deprives Ohioans of crucial protections outlined in House Bill 68.

The emergency motion seeks to narrow the injunction and restore the balance of judicial authority, ensuring that the law can take effect without undue hindrance. Court filings related to the case can be accessed on the Attorney General’s website, reflecting Yost’s commitment to upholding the rule of law in Ohio.