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Athens County Scores Big Win: QuidelOrtho Expands Operations, Bringing New Jobs and Investment


Athens, Ohio (February 7, 2024) – Exciting news for Athens County! Global diagnostics manufacturer QuidelOrtho is expanding its operations in the region, establishing a new production line and creating at least 10% more jobs in the coming years. This expansion represents a significant investment in the local economy and strengthens Athens County’s position as a hub for the state’s growing biohealth industry.

The project, facilitated by a collaborative effort between Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE), JobsOhio, and the Athens County Economic Development Council, secured QuidelOrtho’s commitment with a $750,000 JobsOhio Revitalization Grant. This grant will further support the company’s plans to invest in new machinery, equipment, and renovations to establish a state-of-the-art facility in Athens.

“QuidelOrtho’s decision to choose Athens for this expansion is a testament to the strong value proposition Ohio offers to innovative companies,” said JP Nauseef, President and CEO of JobsOhio. “This investment not only creates new jobs but also reinforces the strength of Ohio’s biohealth industry and reflects QuidelOrtho’s confidence in our talented workforce.”

Athens already houses a QuidelOrtho facility, established through the 2010 acquisition of Diagnostic Hybrids. The new production line will produce a cutting-edge molecular platform designed for versatility, speed, and lab-quality results. This technology empowers healthcare professionals to make faster, informed decisions, optimizing resources and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

“We are thrilled to support QuidelOrtho’s continued growth in our community,” said Mollie Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the Athens County Economic Development Council. “This expansion brings jobs and investment, further solidifying Athens County’s role in the biohealth sector.”

This project highlights the success of the JobsOhio Revitalization Program, which bridges the financial gap between the potential of brownfield sites and the cost of redevelopment. By mitigating financial risks and accelerating project timelines, programs like this play a crucial role in revitalizing communities and promoting sustainable development.

“This is a major victory for Southeast Ohio,” said OhioSE Vice President Katy Farber. “We are immensely grateful to QuidelOrtho for choosing our region and creating well-paying jobs. Their substantial investment underscores the unique potential our community offers.”

The addition of the new production line to QuidelOrtho’s Athens operations signifies a positive step forward for both the company and the local economy. With increased job opportunities, advanced technology, and continued collaboration, this expansion paves the way for a brighter future for Athens County and the state’s biohealth industry.