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Athens County Outage is Now Moving People Out of Homes


ATHENS – Around 3 pm on January 22, 2021 a state wide outage occurred in Athens county that effected over 10,000 customers. That outage may now last overnight and police are starting to move people out of homes.

Athens Community center has been opened as an emergency warming station for the duration of the power outage. Current estimates (as of 7:30 pm) have power being restored by 9:00 am on Saturday, January 23.

When arriving, please note that the building has heating and lighting, but may be limited in being able to charge personal devices such as cellphones.

What makes this even more difficult is COVID protocols including temperature checks, physical distancing.

The outage according to AEP is a broken pole that carries high-voltage power to the stations that feed electricity to the area. The pole is in a remote area.

“Due to the difficulty in reaching the pole, we’re estimating repairs will not be complete until about 9 am tomorrow. We’ll continue to work hard to reduce that time,” said AEP.