Home News Ashville Will Receive 250,000 State Grant for Sewer Replacement

Ashville Will Receive 250,000 State Grant for Sewer Replacement


ASHVILLE – Pickaway County town of Ashville will receive a large grant directed at fixing sewer lines.

This grant part of the 44 Million in water infrastructure grant announced today by Governor Dewine.

Governor DeWine launched the Ohio BUILDS initiative last week. As part of the new program, approximately $250 million will be invested in local water infrastructure projects to help improve quality of life for Ohio’s families and encourage economic growth in Ohio’s communities. 

Today’s second-round grant announcement brings the total of Ohio BUILDS water infrastructure grants awarded so far to approximately $137 million. Funded projects impact all of Ohio’s 88 counties. 

“It’s astonishing to me that there are communities in Ohio today where it’s difficult to get clean water. For our people to thrive and for our communities to grow, clean water and reliable infrastructure are an absolute must,” said Governor DeWine. “There is a tremendous need for water infrastructure upgrades all over our state, and through Ohio BUILDS, we’re funding projects that will be life-changing in some communities.” 

Pickaway County, House District 78- Rep. Brian Stewart, Senate District 20- Senator Tim Schaffer will receive a $250,000 grant to cover the planning and engineering design for a sanitary sewer replacement project. The proposed improvements north of Church Street include replacing the aged sanitary sewer lines, providing an adequate storm sewer system, and to
separate roof drains, sump pumps, and sanitary services.

This project will benefit 4,500 people

A Third round of recipients will be announced in the future