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Ashville Men’s Club Posthumously Honors Distinguished Service Award at July 4th Celebration


In a poignant tribute during Ashville’s July 4th festivities, David Rainey, representing the Ashville Men’s Club, addressed the gathered crowd under a warm dusk sky. Reflecting on past challenges and the community’s resilience, Rainey recounted the previous year’s events, emphasizing the dedication of Men’s Club members and acknowledging two men who needed to be honored posthumously.

Rainey highlighted the club’s updated approach to recognizing community contributions. “We used to require nominees to be 60 or older for our awards. It didn’t always make sense,” Rainey remarked. “We realized there are individuals, regardless of age, who make substantial impacts when our community needs them most. So, we’ve changed it to the Distinguished Service Award.”

“We started thinking about the men in this community, those in our club who have contributed immensely to our town and our organization,” Rainey continued. “We realized we need to acknowledge their efforts when they step up regardless of age, when they’re in the thick of it, when things are happening. So, we decided to do away with those old restrictions. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the changes in time for a couple of men, but we’re correcting that now.”

Rainey then turned his attention to honoring two longtime Ashville citizens and Ashville Men’s Club Members, Randy “Joe” Moore and Mike Springs, who were recognized for their exceptional service to Ashville. Speaking warmly about their contributions, Rainey said, “Randy ‘Joe’ Moore was a pillar of strength in our community, always ready to lend a helping hand and lead by example.” He continued, “Joe was an educator and a valued member of our club, coaching baseball and softball, and impacting countless lives in Ashville.”

Rainey expressed regret that Moore hadn’t been recognized sooner. “Tonight, we want to say thank you to Joe, his family, and all whose lives he touched. Joe Moore epitomizes the spirit of our Men’s Club and Ashville. He’s been a member of the Ashville community men’s club since 1999. Joe quickly ran through the chairs of the Vice President and President of the club. He sat on the executive board for several years he was in charge of Halloween costume-judging events and he and Barb were chaperones for several years. he was the quintessential family, man. He would always put everybody ahead of himself. Joe was always fun. Joe was always happy. I would see Joe at the pharmacy, I’d see Joe downtown. I see Joe here at the festival. Joe was just a good guy with a good heart, who did a tremendous amount of good for this community, and we lost him, and that sucks.”

Walker, Joe’s son, accepted the award on behalf of his father, expressing gratitude for the recognition. “Dad would have appreciated this greatly,” Walker said. “The Men’s Club meant the world to him, and im sure it still does. I feel like I grew up behind that white fence over there. It’s an honor to receive this on his behalf.”

Rainey then honored Mike Springs, highlighting his dedication to Ashville and numerous community activities. “Mike Springs was instrumental in the success of the Ashville 4th of July festival,” Rainey stated. “His commitment to coaching, charity work, and community events made a lasting impact. He joined the men’s club in 1988. He then married Bill Walsh’s daughter Kelly. So you know, he was done. It was over he had no choice. I mean, when you marry KELLY Well, he married the Ashville community men’s club, and he did and he embraced it fully. He served as the clubs president, the club treasurer, he chaired all kinds of committees, the Queens, the entertainment, the public relations, Halloween, and Santa Claus visits. His dedication for Ashville brought a man who last year sold out the Ohio Stadium twice to perform here in Ashville, Morgan Wallen. We have Morgan Wallen here at the Ashville 4th of July before he blew up, that’s why Mike did. Mike loved this community, he loved his family, he was dedicated.”

Rainey lamented Springs’ recent passing without timely recognition. “We lost Mike, and I wish he were here to receive this award,” Rainey said solemnly. “He loved this community, his family, and he dedicated himself wholeheartedly.”

During the ceremony, Drew Kissel from the Greater Ohio Showmans Association paid tribute to Springs’ advocacy and leadership within the festival industry. He presented a special appreciation award to Springs’ family, which Kelly Springs accepted graciously.

“Mike fought bravely against leukemia, and we lost him earlier this year,” Kelly Springs shared. “The support from the Men’s Club, the Kissel family, and the Greater Ohio Showmans Association has been incredible. Mike was humble about his contributions, but he loved Ashville and this festival deeply.”

The July 4th celebration in Ashville not only commemorated independence but also celebrated the enduring contributions of local leaders like Moore and Springs, who helped shape the community’s spirit and legacy.

Rainey concluded with gratitude to all present, urging everyone to cherish the bonds that make Ashville a special place.

Randy Joe Moore, 56 of Ashville, OH November 8, 1965 ~ April 25, 2022

Randy Joe Moore, 56 of Ashville, OH passed away on Monday, April 25, 2022 at Riverside Hospital in Columbus, OH.  Joe was born on November 8, 1965 in Columbus, OH.  Joe was a 1984 graduate of Berne Union and was also a graduate of Bowling Green State University.  He taught at Teays Valley for 32 years having recently retired from South Bloomfield Elementary.  He loved spending time with his family, was a member of Ashville Community Men’s Club, had previously coached football and baseball, enjoyed fishing, loved his dog Chunk and was an avid Ohio State, Cincinnati Reds and Miami Dolphins fan.   

Michael W. Spriggs, 56 of Ashville, OH September 7, 1967 ~ February 12, 2024 

Michael W. Spriggs, 56 of Ashville, OH passed away on Monday, February 12, 2024 at The James OSU Cancer Hospital in Columbus, OH.  He was born on September 7, 1967 in Columbus. Mike was a 1985 graduate of Teays Valley and worked for Nationwide Insurance for 33 years as a life product consultant.  He was a member and past president of the Ashville Community Men’s Club and served as a past president and honorary director for the Ohio Festivals and Events Association.  He enjoyed being involved in his community. Throughout the years, he coached youth and high school sports teams.  He volunteered countless hours volunteering at and coordinating events to support the Mid-Ohio Food Collective and the Ashville Weekend Backpack Hunger program.  For 15 years, he and Kelly spent many weekends serving as chaperones and sharing Ohio’s festivals with Miss Ashville 4th of July courts.  

Mike enjoyed golfing, traveling, camping, and just spending time with his family, but most of all he was especially proud to have been promoted to the title of “Papa.”