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Ashville Mens Club Honors the Women of the 4th of July Festival


Ashville, OH – The Ashville 4th of July Festival celebrated its 95th edition on Tuesday, July 2, 2024, continuing a tradition that has persisted through the years, even overcoming interruptions during historical events like World War II. This longstanding community event has always been a staple in the local park, driven by the dedicated efforts of the Ashville Community Club.

During the festivities, a heartfelt tribute was paid to the women who have been instrumental in supporting and organizing the event over the years. David Rainey representative of the Ashville Community Club expressed deep gratitude, highlighting the indispensable role these women play in ensuring the festival’s success.

“This festival doesn’t happen without the tremendous support of the women in our lives,” Rainey said. “We’ve benefited immensely from their hard work and dedication, handling tasks we simply couldn’t manage on our own.”

In a special recognition ceremony, five women were honored for their exemplary service to the club. Kelly Spriggs, Deb Hulse, Sherry Ward, Mona Hardbarger, and Barb Moore were invited to the stage and acknowledged as the backbone of the club’s efforts.

“This club couldn’t have carried this weight by ourselves,” he continued. “These women are as equally important as any man who has ever served in this club.”

The honorees received plaques as a token of appreciation for their contributions. The crowd was encouraged to give a round of applause to these outstanding women who have made the festival possible year after year.

As the night concluded, the community was reminded of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making the Ashville 4th of July Festival a beloved and enduring tradition. The recognition of these women underscored the collective effort and shared commitment that keeps the festival thriving.