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Ashville Crowns New Queen During 4th of July Festival


ASHVILLE, Ohio – In front of a large crowd, Ashville crowned a new queen last evening in an annual pageant led by Dan Ramey Sr. of Litter Media. The event, which took place at 7:00 p.m., featured nine contestants vying for the coveted title.

The competitors were introduced with their bios, followed by a series of questions posed to each candidate. The judges then deliberated and selected the Queen, 1st Attendant, and 2nd Attendant. The participants were:

Makylie Hayhurst-Berry – 17-year-old daughter of Anthony & Sandra Hayhurst

Erin Coleman – 16-year-old daughter of Tim & Misty Coleman, sponsored by Ohio’s Small Town Museum

Aubrey Helser – 16-year-old daughter of Adam & Terra Helser, sponsored by Sam’s Excavating

Brooklyn Young – 13-year-old daughter of Mike & Tiffany Young

Raina Brushart – 16-year-old daughter of Glen & Ronde Brushart, sponsored by All Power Outdoor

Maria Siers – 16-year-old daughter of Nick & Katie Siers, sponsored by Noecker Farms & County Line Meats

Claire Krouse – 16-year-old daughter of Nicholas & Mandy Krouse

Ava Kirk – 15-year-old daughter of Chris & Amanda Kirk, sponsored by Best Glass Block

Rebecca Light – 16-year-old daughter of Robert & Heidi Light, sponsored by Circleville Dairy Shed

The judging panel included:

  • Anne Guggisberg: Queens Coordinator and chaperone for the Ohio Swiss Festival, President of the Ohio Festivals & Events Association.
  • Rachel Day: Royalty Coordinator for the Holmes County Antique Festival, serves on the Queens Advisory Committee for the Ohio Festivals & Events Association.
  • Emily LaTorre: Member of the Holmes County Antique Festival committee, involved with the festival’s queens committee, and part of the first mother-daughter duo to serve on the Ashland University Alumni Association’s board of directors.

Winners and Their Achievements

Rebecca Light, the 2nd Attendant, is a 16-year-old junior at Teays Valley High School. She is active in her church youth group, enjoys reading, singing, dancing, archery, and crafts, and participates in the Battle of the Books reading group. Rebecca hopes to attend Ball State to study dance and become a performer. An interesting fact about Rebecca is that she has eight pets and loves writing short stories.

Aubrey Helser was named 1st Attendant. Aubrey, a 16-year-old from Teays Valley High School, is a member of both club and high school volleyball teams and has coached for the Teays Valley Youth League. She participates in FFA, 4-H, and Team 23, and is active in her church, St. Paul Lutheran. Aubrey plans to mentor in the Big Brother Big Sister program and aims to be inducted into the National Honor Society. Post-graduation, she aspires to attend nursing school and become a pediatric nurse. Notably, Aubrey is a fourth-generation Helser in Ashville, and the contest was held on her birthday.

Maria Siers, crowned as the Queen of the 4th of July Festival, is a 16-year-old who will be a junior at Teays Valley High School. She plans to attend the Fairfield Career Center to pursue a pre-nursing pathway and aims to become a trauma nurse. Maria has been a cheerleader for three years and is involved in 4-H and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She volunteers at her local Vacation Bible School and enjoys reading, helping her family, and babysitting her nieces and nephews with special needs.

Judges’ Questions and Contestant Responses

During the contest, Dan Ramey asked the contestants a series of questions. Aubrey Helser discussed her involvement in Team 23, a group that fosters camaraderie among students with similar interests, especially in sports. She expressed her enjoyment of traveling, particularly to cities like Chicago.

Maria Siers spoke about the differences between traditional and game day cheer squads, and her leadership roles in 4-H and her community. She shared her aspirations to become a trauma nurse, inspired by the nurses in her life.

Rebecca Light explained her participation in the Battle of the Books reading group and her long-standing love for dance. She also elaborated on her goal to shoot a “Robin Hood” in archery, which involves hitting an arrow with another arrow, demonstrating precision and accuracy.


The pageant was a night of celebration, showcasing the talents and ambitions of Ashville’s young ladies. The community came together to honor these contestants, whose diverse interests and aspirations reflect the town’s vibrant spirit.