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Anonymous Donor Sets Up Farm Garden for Foundations4Youth


CIRCLEVILLE – A anonymous donor has been very generous and donated a lot to have the kids at Foundations4Youth be involved in local agriculture.

“A local retired farmer contributed 90% what you see,” said Stacia Bauman from Foundations4Youth, “He said he wanted to be left anonymous so we call him Grandpa Grizzly. “We planted Strawberries, broccoli, all different types of tomatoes, Bell Peppers, and Green Beans.”

“Grandpa Grizzly wanted to do this in our old location,” said Officer McIntyre Circleville Resource Officer, “but we didn’t have the space, so when we moved to the new location it gave us the opportunity.”

McIntyre said that what you see here isn’t all of it either, the kids take care of these plants on nights they are here, but they also were able to take a plant home to take care of all the time. Grandpa Grizzly donated over 50 bags of soil, 50 buckets and the set ups you see here, he came out and helped plant with the kids.

“The plan is to eat some and sell the rest,” said Officer McIntyre, “Grandpa Grizzly wants the kids to grow and sell the veggies and put the money back into the Foundation, much like how farmers do it, so next year they can plant again from the money they created from their own hard work. Thats how farmers in the area do it, and Grandpa Grizzly wants them to learn that too.”

Foundations4Youth may have a booth set up soon to sell fresh vegetables, Grandpa Grizzly may be donating that also. We will let you know when the sale is.