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Annual Light Ohio Blue Procession to Honor Law Enforcement Comes to Pickaway County


Pickaway County, Ohio – The highly anticipated Light Ohio Blue procession is set to make its way through Pickaway County this year, bringing together law enforcement officers and community members in a symbolic display of support and appreciation.

Originating in Lancaster, the procession will enter Pickaway County via US-22, passing through Circleville, Ashville, and making a notable stop at Teays Valley High School before continuing its journey to Columbus.

Scheduled to commence around 7:30 PM, the procession anticipates approximately 100 cruisers from law enforcement agencies across Central Ohio. Citizens will have the opportunity to interact with deputies, officers, and troopers during the stop at Teays Valley High School, fostering a sense of camaraderie and appreciation for their service.

The tentative route includes a drive by Circleville High School at approximately 7:35 PM on Wednesday, followed by a route through Circleville from East Main Street to North Court Street, then onto Walnut Creek Pike and SR-752 before arriving at Teays Valley High School for a brief 20-minute stop.

The route through Pickaway County will be as follows:

US-22 traveling from Fairfield County and entering Pickaway County at around 7:30 PM (estimated time)

North on Hillcrest Drive to Clark Drive.

Clark Drive past Circleville City Schools to Nicholas Drive.

Nicholas Drive to East Main Street.

East Main Street to North Court Street.

North Court Street to Walnut Creek Pike

Walnut Creek Pike to SR-752.

SR-752 to Teays Valley High School – We will be at Teays Valley for approximately 20 minutes so that people can come see all the cruisers and visit with the law enforcement officers.

SR-752 to Ashville Pike

Ashville Pike to Rickenbacker Parkway

Rickenbacker Parkway to Franklin County

Upon departure from Teays Valley High School, the procession will continue west on SR-762 to Ashville Pike, heading north before exiting the county via Rickenbacker Parkway.

The Light Ohio Blue event holds historical significance, originating as a statewide movement to honor fallen law enforcement officers and express gratitude for the dedication and sacrifice of those who serve in law enforcement. It serves as a poignant reminder of the unwavering commitment of law enforcement to protect and serve their communities.

Residents are encouraged to join in this meaningful procession to show their support for law enforcement officers and express their appreciation for their service and dedication.