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WHERE WHERE YOU on 9/11 A Local Tells His Story


OHIO – 18 years ago today I will “Never forget – nor forgive”

Remember those 3000 ppl who died today, while your waking up, drinking your coffee, watching the morning news this morning at 8:46am take a minute to “REMEMBER”. 🇺🇸

I was a team driver with Anne Jackson w/Schneider Trucking on I-95 at a truck stop just outside of Washington DC.
I will Never Forget the hectic chaos and fear I saw. People screaming “were under attack” We turned the rig around got out of that huge truck stop and drove to Walmart. We bought a 3’x5’ American flag and mounted it on the side of our semi-tractor, it flew proudly.
While driving south on I-95 an announcement came over the CB to clear the left lane.
A motor Cade of US marshals and 6 black limos cruised along side our rig and someone came over the CB and said “Thank you driver for your support on this very sad day – to remember” … That flag flew to Georgia then to Arizona before we had to retire it (saved till i got home to take to the vfw) and replaced it.
My father and step-mom were on vacation in Annapolis, MD and saw the smoke as the pentagon was burning they left and went home “my dad said no time to be on a vacation”. My Dad was in the US Air Force a pilot and in “intelligence team of decoders”
I will never forget this time in my life. 👍🏻🇺🇸